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Webmaster SMS Tools

Webmaster SMS Tools

Add SMS text messaging tools to your website, blog, forum or social networking profile absolutely free. Receive and reply to SMS from your visitors / readers without revealing your phone number, set up real-time polls, create an SMS comment board, or write to a blog whilst on the go.

Key features:
  • Add SMS tools to your site for FREE
  • Receive real SMS in 202 countries!
  • Does NOT use premium rate SMS
  • Mobile numbers are kept private, they are NOT marketed to or passed to 3rd parties
  • Easy to configure
  • Customise colour, style and size
  • Perfect for webmasters, bloggers and users of eBay, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo

TextMe Application
TextMe Application TextME: Receive SMS from your visitors / readers without giving out your own mobile number. TextMe acts as a middle-man; your readers send SMS to our number with your keyword, and we forward their message on to your mobile phone. You can also reply via our number, and we will forward your reply back to the right person. This is performed without revealing your number or theirs and sends real text messages to 202 countries. (read more)

SMSBlog Application
SMSBlog Application SMSBlog: Blog on the go! Set up this tool with a keyword of your choice, and keep your readers up-to-date by sending SMS with your keyword to our number. For extra security, configure this application with your mobile number, and only you will be able to send updates. Keep your keyword secret. (read more)

SMSPoll Application
SMSPoll Application SMSPoll: Set up voting polls to display on your website. Because normal network charges apply when voting, SMS polls are less likely to be abused. Simply enter up to 26 choices for your poll, copy the short JavaScript code to your website source, and find out what people really think. (read more)

SMSComments Application
SMSComments Application SMSComments: Get comments from your readers with less chance of spam and other abuses. Since the comments are submitted by SMS, normal network charges will apply, which should discourage misuse. With CSS you can style the comments to blend seamlessly into your website, choose alternating colours for messages etc. Alternatively, use it as a message board. (read more)